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The Natural Reserve Vape Pen – NO Additives!

The Natural Cannabis Company, Natural Reserve, solvent-free vape contains the purest CO2 extracted cannabis oil you can find. Unlike the hybrid mystery mixes found in many vape pens today, The Natural Reserve was created strain-specific. Each cartridge has been crafted from only the best harvests of the most popular strains in Northern California, each of which grown by only the most talented artisan cultivators in the region. Natural Cannabis Company takes pride in finding these talented artists of the trade, going to great lengths to inspect and test the product throughout every aspect of the process.

In their effort to keep the oil as natural as possible, no additives were added to the cartridges. The vast majority of vape companies out there today rely on harmful additives such as propylene glycol to thin their oils for easy consumption seemingly unhinged by the potential havoc this may have on our lungs as consumers. Natural Cannabis Company instead developed a new approach to The Natural Reserve Pen’s atomizer, which helps the thicker, solvent-free oil melt efficiently. Try the new natural Reserve at any Natural Cannabis Company location today to experience the latest innovation in cannabis vaping!

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