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Natural Nectars

Natural Nectars

Natural Nectars are our newest way for you to enjoy medicating. Our Natural Nectars showcase the quality achieved when working closely with local artisan cultivators. Each melt is a culmination of passion and love provided from flower to finish. Enjoy the 100% natural, clean, potent and solvent-free Natural Nectars Dab Pack.

Now available at OrganiCann in Santa Rosa, MendoCann in Hopland and Oakland Organics in Oakland!

Each Dab Pack includes a half gram of:

Purple Creeper Nectar

Type: Indica

Aroma/Flavor: She holds a classic berry purple smell but with some spicy pepper mixed in. This melt gives off an herbal peppery taste when smoked but is still incredibly smooth.

Typical Effects: Purple Creeper is a full indica melt that “creeps” up on you, so take it slow. Bringing some of the best purple bud effects with her, Purple Creeper will leave you mellowed out and ready for bed. Her effects start in the head, with a heavy pressure behind the eyes. She gently eases stress and tension. Her effects than slowly massage the body with a tingly euphoria, relieving pain and discomfort. Perfect for evening use.

Platinum OG Nectar

Type: Indica/Sativa

Aroma/Flavor: This melt is sweet and sour in flavor, with a sour, citrus and pine-like aroma.

Typical Effects: Platinum OG is a great anytime melt. Her effects begin in the head, uplifting the mind to a giggly and happy euphoric state, allowing you to dismiss worries and relax. She slowly melts to the body, massaging away tension and discomfort, easing stress and fully mellowing you out. This melt is perfect for a lazy day around the house, or an evening in with dinner and a rented movie. She can be most useful in combating anxiety, depression, nausea and tension.

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