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Microdosing with Cannabis: How Does it Work? 

Microdosing with Cannabis: How Does it Work? 

If you’ve been following health news, you may have heard about microdosing. Many people are trying microdosing cannabis to treat chronic health conditions, everything from depression and anxiety to digestive problems and chronic pain. A microdose of cannabis is the lowest amount used to achieve a perceivable effect.


With cannabis, a small amount will create one effect while a large dose often creates a diminished or opposite effect. A very small dose of a sativa strain may mood your boost and reduce anxiety whereas a much larger dose could create paranoia, anxiety and unwanted mental energy in some people. It’s worth remembering that your experience with cannabis will always be unique to you thanks to your personal body chemistry.

How do I begin?

Many people recommend a “neural receptor cleanse” prior to beginning microdosing. Abstain from cannabis for 48 hours and presto, all the cannabinoid receptors in your brain are reset to manufacturer’s settings. That means that even chronic cannabis users will return to pre-cannabis tolerance levels after just two days! One thought behind microdosing is that by building up a tolerance to cannabinoids through high dose usage, you’re building a tolerance to your body’s own natural endocannabinoid system. Microdosing allows you to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without dulling your receptors.

A good place to start if you’re looking to try microdosing is somewhere around 5mg of THC. This may be less for women who appear to be more sensitive to cannabinoids and some microdose guides suggest everyone start with 2.5mg. You’ll need to experiment to see where you fall in the range. It may be higher or lower than 5mg.

Accurate dosing is important, so vaping or combustion aren’t the best choices for microdosing although some people prefer it. Cannabis flower THC levels range from 10% to 30%. Edibles and tinctures which can be clearly measured are your best bet for steady, continuous levels. Take your first dose, wait 30-60 minutes and if you don’t feel anything, take another very small dose. Repeat until you just barely feel the effects. Take this dose every few hours. Stay at this dose for several days and see how it works for you. You may need to adjust it. If you find that microdosing is becoming less effective, you’ve probably overshot your ideal dosage.

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