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Memorial Weekend Specials

Memorial Weekend Specials

Natural Cannabis locations are open regular hours on Memorial Day, Monday, May 29.

Stop in for gram specials!

Lemon KushLemon Kush ($8/g) Sweet and skunky, Lemon Kush has a bright citrus finish. It provides a long-lasting, heavy-headed buzz excellent for relief from pain, depression and anxiety. Indica dominant, this hybrid was grown locally in Sonoma Valley.

GrandDaddy ($9/g) Created from Granddaddy Purple lineage, GrandDaddy is another Sonoma Valley favorite. The rich, grape aroma with hash notes is a perfect complement to the wine country surroundings. A pure indica, this strain is a superior choice for alleviating chronic pain, stress, insomnia and depression.

Sour Diesel ($9/g) A perennial favorite, Sour Diesel provides creative bursts of mental energy and euphoric mood elevation. Pure sativa, its prominent flavors are of lemon and fuel. Potent and flavorful, this Sonoma County strain is optimal for social occasions, summer activities and creative pursuits.Indy Sour Diesel

GH THC Bomb ($5/g) THC Bomb is the newest creation from Bomb Seeds Company. Focused on powerful genetics and creative crossbreeding, Bomb Seeds are grown organically in the Netherlands. This THC Bomb was grown locally in Sonoma County and offers sedative relaxation with a carefree state-of-mind. Earthy flavors punctuated by notes of molasses and sweet berries makes THC Bomb a delicious way to unwind, destress and relax into a restful sleep.

Come early for best selection – supplies are limited!