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Memorial Day Story From Perrin Family Farm

Memorial Day Story From Perrin Family Farm

We wanted to share a story from Perrin Family Farms, whose Forbidden Fruit is currently featured as a Memorial Weekend special. Please take the time to read about his family’s story today on Memorial Day.

“My grandfather, William Burnett Perrin, was serving at Pearl Harbor at Schofield Barracks when the Japanese attacked. He survived the attack and went on to fight in the Solomon Islands, receiving 2 purple hearts and one bronze star.

He had grown up in Florida during the draining of the swamps to create farmland (a sad time for the environment). His birth mother had died when he was very young, so he had been adopted, making a living farming sun up to sun down, dirt poor.

After WW2, he settled in Georgia and got back to farming. He had a 300-acre farm in Alpharetta, GA. Around this time, he and my grandmother met at the VA hospital in Atlanta, where she was caring for him.


My father also was in the Army, a wolfhound MP serving in Germany during the Vietnam Era. My father suffered the loss of many of his friends in Vietnam but had never gone on a tour there himself, something that haunted him for the rest of his life. After the war, my father got into medicating himself with the healing herb and would go on to grow and share with friends in the late ’70s.


My great great uncle, William Bannister Perrin, fought on the southern side during the Civil War. His brother named my grandfather, William Burnett Perrin, after him. My 3rd great grandfather, Mathias Alexander Perrin, received a land grant from the Indian Wars as a survivor. His father, George Perrin, came to Georgia for land grants from the Revolutionary War.


These were the Yeoman Farmers. This was all at the expense of the Native American Indians. A very sad part of our country’s history:(

I was relieved to find that we did not own any slaves, according to census surveys and family history.


So anyway, long story short, I named my biz after my father and grandfather and theirs, and with the utmost respect to those who served our country!

Seventh generation farmer or more!

Second generation cannabis farmer:)

Our Logo is the modern yeoman, me 🙂

The 8 stars represent the first medical cannabis states, 2015. The border is chevrons, native medicine man, style, and the background are stripes of cannabis crop.”