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May Flowers: Cannabis Strain Picks for Spring

May Flowers: Cannabis Strain Picks for Spring

Northern California has had its fill of April showers, now it’s time for some May flowers! The outdoor cannabis season is almost upon us and now is the time to try some new powerhouse strains. Whether you’re looking for something new to grow this year or just want to expand your smoke and vape choices, here are four strains worth sampling. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite!

Farmacy Phactory’s Peach Face ($12-$40)

Peach Face

Hybrid: Doc’s OG X Mango Tango

This sweet and sour strain is tinged with fuel making it as delicious as it is potent. Starting as a mellow warmth throughout the body, before you know it you’ll be sinking deep into a dreamy euphoria. Experience stress- and pain-relieving relaxation with a calm mental focus. Grown locally in Mendocino.

William’s Wonder ($15-$50)

Williams Wonder

Indica: Afghani heritage

Fresh and clean are the flavor hallmarks of this strain. Herbaceous pine and bright citrus flavors William’s Wonder aka Willy’s Wonder. In small amounts and upon initial intake, expect a fun, euphoric buzz but tapers into a blissfully sleepy relaxation later and in higher doses. Enjoy the heavy warmth and you’ll surely have a peaceful night’s sleep from this potent, resinous bud. Grown in the Sonoma Valley.

Skunk Bros Peach Cobbler ($14-$45)

Skunk Bors Peach Cobbler

Hybrid: Peach Romulan X Monster Sauce

With a smell reminiscent of overripe fruit, this creeper strain will surprise you. Ripe peaches and sweet citrus entice the senses in terpene-rich Peach Cobbler. This smooth smoke is deceptively potent leading to a stony, lazy and narcotic buzz. Grown in the Sacramento Valley.

Budsmith’s Oregon Lemons ($12-$40)

Budsmith Oregon Lemons

Hybrid: Origin unknown

Sweet and sour citrus with a hint of mint makes Budsmith’s Oregon Lemons a standout strain for spring. This sativa hybrid provides a buzzy, happy, euphoric high perfect for relieving stress, fighting fatigue and improving your mood. A great daytime strain, you’ll enjoy the flavor as much as the psychedelic mental energy.