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How to Make the Most Out of Your Cannabis Experience

How to Make the Most Out of Your Cannabis Experience

The New Year is traditionally a time for resolutions and symbolic new beginnings. This year why not make the resolution to take your cannabis a bit more seriously? If you really want to get the most out of your cannabis experience, whether you’re using it recreationally or medically, you should be keeping track of which strains make you feel the best. You can use this information to find out what they have in common and learn a lot in the process!

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This is the fun part! Your mission is to go out there and try as many cannabis strains as you can get your hands on! Just don’t forget to include step 2.


This is the most important part. You must keep track. It’s up to you whether you keep track of every strain you try with a few notes on how they made you feel, but you most certainly need to write down the strains that really make you feel good.


 The internet has an abundance of information on cannabis strains. Use it to research the strains that really made an impact on you. You’ll want to know as much about them as you can, especially the terpene profiles if available. Other things to note are THC and CBD levels and lineage. Knowing your favorite strain’s family tree will help you choose future strains that are likely to work just as well with your unique body chemistry.


Now that you know what’s been working well for you, you can head to any dispensary with confidence. Suppose you find out that your three favorite strains all share high levels of the terpene Limonene. Since the hallmark of Limonene is a lemon or citrus aroma and flavor, you can narrow your choices to strains that have these features and increase your chance of finding a new favorite strain.