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Make 2017 the Year of the Conscious Cannabist

Make 2017 the Year of the Conscious Cannabist

Make 2017 the Year of the Conscious Cannabist

Most agree that 2016 was a year that left many of us haggard and feeling overwhelmed. But, there were some victories. One being the legalization of cannabis in several more states. While legalization is certainly something to celebrate, it also brings with it certain perils. One of the most critical concerns is that cashing in on the green rush is luring unscrupulous corporations whose power and nearly unlimited resources will crush family farms that have survived on cannabis income for decades. For many people in the industry, this is a very real concern.

Now is the time to start learning to consume cannabis consciously and as ethically as possible. It’s only through grassroots and local support that these small farmers and local cultivators can survive and possibly, thrive.

Ask Questions

The first point of contact for most consumers is their local dispensary. Choose a dispensary that educates its budtenders not only about the strains of cannabis they carry but where the cannabis comes from. Some dispensaries engage in nearly total vertical integration, meaning they grow all the cannabis they sell. If your budtender can’t answer questions about which farms are providing their cannabis and which regions those farms are in, there’s a good chance this is the case. Instead, consider finding a dispensary that works with many small farmers. You’ll find a better variety of strains and quality. Consider this: if a single farm grows all the cannabis and even one environmental factor is off, the entire output is affected.

Know Your Local Farms

A quick web search and a few questions at your local dispensary should give you an idea of some of the cannabis cultivators in your area. While you won’t find detailed driving directions to their farm, you should find basic information on their growing techniques and farming operation. The more information they share, the better. Learning which farms in your area are using earth-friendly farming allows you to ask for their product by name in store or purchase from dispensaries that support them. Find their websites, follow them on social media and get knowledgeable.

Growing Techniques

In addition to knowing that the cannabis you buy comes from a small or local cultivator, opt for certified farms when possible. While cannabis can’t be legally be “certified organic” in the United States, you can look for Clean Green Certified, Certified Kind and similar programs that require transparency in farming practices. Even if a farm doesn’t have one of these certifications, you can still choose to buy from cultivators who use environmentally responsible methods. Low impact farming using water conservation methods and energy-saving techniques benefits everyone.

Using the above simple guidelines when purchasing cannabis will help support the people who have made lifetime commitments to growing quality flowers. Using natural techniques doesn’t just protect the earth, our greatest asset, but produces more potent and flavorful plants. It’s winning circumstances for both farmers and consumers. Buy local, smoke local.