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Last-Minute Stocking-Stuffers Stoners Are Sure to Love

Last-Minute Stocking-Stuffers Stoners Are Sure to Love 

Looking for that last minute stocking-stuffer or small gift for the stoners in your life? Look no further; we’ve got you covered! Regardless of the recipient, there’s something for everyone at OrganiCann and MendoCann plus most items can be ordered online for easy in-store pick-up. Skip the crowds. Skip the lines. Order ahead and pick up at your convenience.

For the extract lover:

Farmacy Phactory Live Resin Sauce Cartridges ($38)

Farmacy Phactory has created a unique set of terpene-rich cartridges made with single-source, full-spectrum live resin sauce.  Farmacy Phactory cartridges promise incredible flavor and a potent, blissful sensation for both mind and body.

For the social smoker:

Natural Cannabis Company Supernaturals ($25-$55)

These pre-rolled, crutched mini-cones are just perfect for passing around with friends. Available in an array of strains, they come packaged in a protective hard pack making them perfect for taking on the go. Plus, each package features a unique winning High Art entry!

For the vaper:

Natural All-In-One Vape Pen

Natural Cannabis Company All-in-One Vape Pen ($30)

We love this ultra-light, ultra-portable vape pen loaded with delicious, C02 extracted cannabis oil. No cartridges to change nor batteries to charge, it’s as easy as puff-and-go. The signature heating element ensures the perfect draw every single time. Best of all, return your used vape pen for recycling and you’ll save money on your next purchase!

For the chocolate and coffee lover:

Java Janes Single Serve

Java Jane’s Micro Serving ($7/4 beans)

These micro-dose chocolate-covered espresso beans are the perfect choice for coffee-lovers looking for a gentle start to cannabis-infused edibles. Each delicious bean is smothered in milk, dark or white chocolate and contains only 2.5mg of THC, making them low-dose and mild for those with low THC preferences. Each pack comes with 4 Java Janes, with a total of 10mg THC per package.

For the street-wear fashionista:

Space Brothers Hats and Tees ($35)

Only available at OrganiCann, explore our new line of uniquely designed Space Brothers hats and tees. Made from quality fabric and double-stitched for long-wear, each product comes in a handy reusable gift box. Featuring a modern look with exquisite details, Space Brothers pieces are perfect for wearing alone or creating unique combinations.

Still looking for great gifts? Stop in and browse our selection of fine Northern California cannabis and cannabis products as well as great present ideas. Ask any of our cannabis stewards for help with selecting the perfect gift.