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Know Your Strain: Cashmere

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Indica dominant Cashmere has garnered quite the reputation for being a heavy-hitting strain perfect for stress relief and deep relaxation. The ultimate lazy day strain, Cashmere is a solid choice for pain relief, having anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. This intense relaxation often leads to a restful, pain-free sleep. Increased appetite and a dry mouth are the most commonly reported side effects of Cashmere.

Know Your Strain

Typically, Cashmere has a sweet, floral aroma with a fresh pine scent upon cracking open a properly cured bud. The strain is Afghani in origin and its parentage is a combine of three strains: Northern Lights, Bubblegum and Lowryder. Phenotypes can vary in THC with the highest hovering around 30%.

Know Your Strain

Summary: Perfect for deep relaxation and stress relief, Cashmere provides calming pain relief, improved appetite and deep, restful sleep. Sweet floral aroma mixes with fresh pine in this medium-bodied, flavorful smoke.

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