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Keep It Potent! How to Store Your Cannabis

Keep It Potent! How to Store Your Cannabis

You did it! You nurtured your little seeds or clones, patiently tended to their every need, waited until your flowers were ripe and ready and afforded the time to dry and cure everything properly. Great job! Hopefully your yield exceeds your wildest dreams, but even if it’s only average, you’ll need to store some of it. Here are four things to keep in mind when storing to keep your cannabis as potent as the day it was packed.

Always use airtight containers.

air tight keep it potent

Wide-mouth glass mason jars are the ideal container, but silicone products are available if you prefer. Avoid plastic as it reacts negatively with cannabis over time. Exposure to air is the #1 factor in degraded potency and flavor. All those delicious terpenes will disappear.

Stay cool.

cold storage

Mold and mildew thrive in warm, moist conditions. Storing your cannabis in a place that maintains a moderate temperature year-round is ideal. You don’t want your containers overheating during hot summer months!

Light destroys cannabinoids.

Exposure to UV light destroys delicate terpenes and cannabinoids and can rapidly reduce the potency of your cannabis, even when stored in clear containers. Colored mason jars or opaque containers add an extra layer of protection, but it’s still a good idea to store your harvest in a low-light environment.

High humidity can ruin your entire yield.

dry and cure

Moist air can lead to a rapid mold outbreak that can devastate your entire stash. If the humidity is too low, brittle terpenes dry out leading to poor flavor, decreased potency and a harsher smoke. It’s best to store your cannabis at the relative humidity (RH) range of 59%-63% RH. Adding a humidity pack to your container can help keep your cannabis in the safe range, keeping it tasty and potent!