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High Artist Spotlight: Jake Genen

High Artist Spotlight: Jake Genen

Jake Genen is a lifelong resident of New York based in Astoria, Queens. He makes anthropomorphic art using Victorian era images from the 1800’s coupled with animals.

He incorporates design elements from different cultures around the world and uses them to tell a story of exotic creatures in foreign lands. He mixes illustration with digital collage and uses all mediums to tell his story of worlds colliding.

Jake placed 7th in this year’s High Art Challenge with his incredible piece, “Sweet Bee’s of Weed”. Read more about his inspiration and view more of his artwork below!

Sweet Bee's Of Weed

You can follow Jake here:
Instagram: @jkejake


1. How did you find out about High Art?

Juxtapoz Magazine’s email newsletter.

Gion Kohaku
Gion Kohaku

2. What made you want to submit an entry?

A love of art, and competition.

Wheat Paste

Wheat Paste

3. What was your inspiration and/or process for the piece you submitted?

My inspiration was psychedelic black light 70’s style posters mixed with my anthropomorphic Imagery, and I wanted to bring attention to Honeybees.

Sly Fox & The Maharj
Sly Fox & The Maharj

4. What has been your personal experience with cannabis?
I’m a fan of the plant and I use it recreationally.

Wheat Paste

5. How has it enhanced your art or creative process?

Cannabis can open  your mind and then focus your ideas.

Wheat Paste 2017

6. What are your favorite strains or cannabis products?

Blue Cheese,  Northern Lights, or a Kush. I’m more of a Indica / Indica Hybrid guy.


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