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How to Smoke from a Bong

How to Smoke from a Bong

How to Smoke from a Bong

Some say they’re making a comeback, others say they never went away, but waterpipes are a fun and effective way to get really, really high. Bongs have always been popular when it comes to cannabis glass art. You can find some truly astounding art bongs with accompanying astounding price tags. But bongs don’t have to be works of art for you to enjoy them. All you really need is a nice bowl of premium Northern California craft cannabis and maybe a friend or two, because sharing is caring.

Smokey McBongwater

If you’re new to cannabis or just new to bongs, smoking out of one for the first time can be intimidating. Obviously, you don’t want to look like a noob. Using a waterpipe (the pc code word for bong), results in a cool, smooth smoke and some say nothing gets you higher than a huge bong rip. Here’s our easy step-by-step guide to smoking a bong:

  1. Fill your bong chamber with water. You’ll want to add enough water to the bong chamber to cover the bottom of the stem. This is easy to see in transparent bongs. The water should cover at least 3-4cm of the stem. You can use plain tap water if you want or you can get all experimental and fill your bong with ice water, juice, fruit water… whatever floats your boat.
  2. Pack the bowl with cannabis. Grind or tear up your weed into small pieces and insert it into the bowl. You can take the stem out of the bong if it makes it easier.
  3. Light it up. With the stem replaced, place your mouth over the opening, light the cannabis and inhale to fill the chamber with as much smoke as your feel comfortable inhaling. If your bong as a carb hole in the base, make sure this is covered.
  4. Inhale. Remove the stem or release the carb hole while inhaling to take a huge hit of accumulated smoke!

To avoid nasty water and build-up, always empty, rinse and air dry after use. This will keep your cannabis tasting fresh every hit.

Got a new piece? Fill it up with premium NorCal craft cannabis grown by farmers in our communities! The Natural Cannabis Company works with small farms, many family-run, to bring the very best Northern California cannabis to our clients.