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How to Make Sure Your Vape Products are Safe

How to Make Sure Your Vape Products are Safe

How to Make Sure Your Vape Products are Safe

The recent news of deaths and illness caused by vaping contaminated cannabis oil has caused huge concern among health officials and vapers across the US. Many of the lung illnesses reported are related to vaping e-juice, nicotine enhanced vaping products, not cannabis. But in the few instances involving cannabis products, all items concerned were found to be unlicensed, bootleg cartridges and pens.

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Vape oil makes up to 71% of California’s concentrate sales so it’s important for consumers to feel safe. The suspected cause of contamination in cannabis oil cartridges is vitamin E acetate, a derivative of vitamin E. Your health is our top priority so here are our tips for making sure your vape products are safe:

  1. ONLY purchase products from licensed dispensaries. In at least one known case, a man who recovered from severe lung problems had purchased a cartridge off the street. Never, ever purchase cannabis products from unknown origins.

Vape cartridges that contain high levels of pesticides are a big concern. When consumed at concentrated levels, inhaled pesticides can cause a multitude of health problems. To ensure that vape cartridges don’t contain hazardous levels of pesticide, it’s important to purchase reputable brands that disclose third-party test results and include screening for pesticides.

2. Purchase pure products. Some companies add cutting agents to increase the volume of their cartridges and to provide larger clouds of smoke or a better mouthfeel. Common additives include polyethylene glycol, a mixing agent; propylene glycol, a binding agent for even draws; and vegetable glycerin, to create voluminous clouds.

Although the FDA has labeled these compounds as safe for human ingestion, a 2010 study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that inhaling PG could potentially exacerbate asthma and allergies. Other studies suggest that when vaporized at high temperatures both PEG and PG break down into the carcinogens formaldehyde and acetaldehyde.

3. Avoid mass-produced brands and beware of counterfeit products. Most counterfeiters aren’t going to waste their time copying small, craft cannabis brands. Illicit vape pens and cartridges are more likely to be labeled with major brands and well-known companies. If you do want to purchase a mass-produced or celebrity brand of vape products, research the official product/company website first and find a licensed retailer. There is no way to tell what’s inside a vape cartridge without lab testing, so if it’s for sale below the typical market price, that could be a tip-off!

We understand our client’s concern regarding their safety and wellness when using vape products but wish to assure you that our small-batch, craft products are 100% authentic and have been carefully screened for contaminants including pesticides. Looking for pure cannabis oil products? We carry them! Come in and let us help you find the best vaping products for your needs!