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How to Enter High Art 2019 in 6 Easy Steps

How to Enter High Art 2019 in 6 Easy Steps

How to Enter High Art 2019 in 6 Easy Steps

The one and only art competition dedicated to the inspirational properties of cannabis is coming soon! High Art 2019 is on track to be the best year yet. Last year’s contest brought a record-breaking number of entries from artists all over the world, from Armenia to Venezuela and nearly every country in-between.

This year’s theme is “technology,” which should serve as an inspiration to all our High Artists with technology impacting nearly every aspect of our lives and society.  We’re excited to see what they come up with!

There’s also $50k in prizes on the line, plus winners will see their art on our exclusive packaging and products and shown at prestigious art events worldwide. Do you or someone you know have the talent to compete? All works are judged on creativity, adherence to theme and technical skill. Professionals and amateurs alike have an equal chance in High Art!

So, how do you get in on this cannabis art action? It’s easy. Just follow these 6 steps:

  1. Get lit. Spark one up, smoke a bowl, do a dab. However you enjoy your cannabis, get to it! This contest is about cannabis as muse, so step one is get high.
  2. Ponder technology. While high, think about this year’s theme of technology. How you interpret it is up to you. For some technology is good, life-saving even. Others experience it differently. From our basics of food and water to our entertainment, technology is interwoven into our lives in so many ways. So, let cannabis do its work and just open your mind to the images it brings.
  3. Bookmark the High Art page and like us on social media. Keep updated on the High Art contest and learn about past winning artists on our social feeds. Check out our Instagram feed for awesome art and cannabis photos! Be sure to check out our galleries of past winners online to get an idea of what you’re competing against. You’re good enough, we believe in you!
  4. Get to work. We’re not going to lie, winning isn’t easy. You’re competing against thousands of talented artists, so to have a chance at prize money your work will really need to stand out. High Art opens next month for 30 days only. Use this time to make an entry that’s your best work of art yet!
  5. Don’t cheat/ Do follow the rules. Don’t try passing off someone else’s art as your own. Don’t use copyrighted images. Don’t be a jerk. We check each and every entry for plagiarism and originality.
  6. Enter the contest. High Art begins on February 20th and runs through March 20th. You have 30 days to submit your best works. Unlike other judged competition, High Art is free to enter and everything you need will be online. No strings attached, no hidden fees. Keep your eyes peeled on the High Art page for entry form details.

That’s it! That’s all you need to know to successfully enter High Art and get your chance at $50,000 in prizes!