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How to Be an Ethical Cannabis Consumer

How to Be an Ethical Cannabis Consumer

How to Be an Ethical Cannabis Consumer

In America we’re blessed with millions of choices when it comes to shopping for and buying products. Everyone has their own criteria when it comes to purchasing. Some of us are focused on value, getting the best quality for the lowest price while others are strictly all about a bargain. And thanks to all those choices, we don’t have to sacrifice our values to get the products we want and need.

Each day we make have the option of expressing our values through shopping. We can make a conscious choice to purchase cruelty-free products, for example, instead of just buying any product that catches our eye. We have a chance to help enact change by where we choose to place our dollars. We reward companies with values similar to ours and in some cases, boycott or withhold our money from those who hold opposite values. Whether it’s a can of soup or cannabis, ethical shopping can make us feel good about our purchases while supporting companies who do good work.

Here are a few ways to be a more ethical cannabis consumer:

Buy local products.

With legalization comes infiltration. Not all cannabis brands, companies or dispensaries are owned by California residents or even US citizens. Much of the large investment money in cannabis comes from and returns to Canada. It’s not enough to shop local at a dispensary owned by someone who lives in your community, but you should always look for locally grown cannabis, ideally from a small farm. One big misconception about cannabis is that everyone in the industry is a millionaire. The truth is that many cultivators and business owners are struggling too. When you spend money in locally owned stores and purchase locally grown products, you’re supporting small business owners and your money stays local too!

Shop green.

It’s great to support local businesses and small farms, but it’s important they have good practices like taking care of the environment. Luckily, many cannabis farmers see themselves as caretakers of the land around them, embracing organic and non-destructive farming methods. Many but not all. When buying cannabis, it’s important reward companies that are environmentally responsible, from reducing energy consumption to protecting the waterways and soil.

Since cannabis isn’t legal at the federal level, it can’t be officially certified organic but there are some organizations that certify private companies for environmentally and socially responsible farming like Certified Kind and Clean Green Certification. This is just one way to spot a quality company, however. Ask for cannabis grown by responsible companies at your local dispensary.

Buy licensed, shop licensed.

Cannabis farms in California must be legally licensed just like dispensaries. These licenses and the requirements to get them are big expenditures for a small business owner. It’s critical to only purchase cannabis grown by a licensed farm and to purchase it from a legal dispensary, not just for legal reasons, but for your health and peace of mind! When you purchase legal cannabis, you know its been lab-tested for pesticides, mycotoxins and heavy metals. Cannabis products purchased on the black market have no guarantees.

Did you know? The Natural Cannabis Company works with dozens of small farmers throughout Northern California to bring their craft cannabis to our clients. Each of our partners embraces ethical and environmentally responsible farming. They are all small business owners in our communities. All products in our Natural Cannabis Company retail locations are produced locally and meet our high standards for quality.

You can learn more about our farm partners here on our Farmer’s Series page.