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Holiday Survival Tip: 3 Ways to Use Cannabis Discretely

Holiday Survival Tip: 3 Ways to Use Cannabis Discretely

Holidays can be stressful regardless of how functional and well-adjusted your family is. The burden of finding the perfect gift, financial pressure, awkward social functions, these things and more can cause dreaded holiday stress. Thankfully, cannabis is a great stress reliever. It combats both the mental and physical effects of stress, helping you relax, feel better and enjoy the holidays more. It may not be feasible to break out the bong or puff on a joint at Grandma’s house, but there are plenty of ways to consume cannabis discretely. Here are three:




Edibles are the perfect way to consume cannabis during the holidays. Cannabis-infused treats like chocolates, cookies, candy and suckers won’t seem out of place, just make sure they can’t be found by curious children. If you’re not a regular edibles user, start at ¼ of the recommended dosage. Wait at least an hour before taking more, if needed. Edibles take longer before you feel the effects, but the high generally last longer too. You won’t have to medicate as often and there’s no telltale cannabis smell.


Tinctures are liquids taken orally either by placing a few drops (adhere to recommended dosage) under the tongue or in a beverage like tea or juice. Tinctures are the fastest form of consuming cannabis as it’s absorbed in the mouth and takes effect almost immediately.


Vape pens and vaporizers are fast and easy ways to consume cannabis discretely. They produce a nearly odorless vapor that dissipates quickly, and a few draws can be taken in the privacy of a bathroom or a quick walk outside. Vaporizers like the Pax take a moment to heat up but vape pens are instant. This disposable The Natural pen heats instantly and there’s no charging or cartridges required.

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