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High Artist Spotlight: Vedran Misic

High Artist Spotlight: Vedran Misic

 Born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Vedran is a New York City based artist with passions for ink drawing, media arts, and street art. Working with colorful Inda inks, his highly intricate and symbolic works examine the dimensions of human spirit, and the complex world that it inhabits. Using psychedelic motifs, his drawings explore the metaphysical and seek to capture the often imperceptible geometric systems that permeate through all of nature. While these works stem from the ideas and experiences of adult introspection, they are layered with vibrant colors and fantastical elements that evoke a childlike awe of the magic and mystery of the world.

Vedran has contributed his colorful artworks to projects with Rip Curl, Pange Seed, 1xRun and Adobe Systems. His works have been published in Superpaper (Germany), Urban Magazine (Bosnia) and Indie Magazine (Austria). Last year he has exhibited his work at the Woodward Gallery, and Adjacent to Life Pop-Up Gallery, both in NYC. And he has created outdoor murals for JMZ Walls in Brooklyn, and First Street Green Art Park in NYC. Vedran holds BFA in Graphic Design from New York Institute of Technology and has completed silkscreen, drawing and painting classes at the School of Visual Arts.

Nefertiti: The High Priestess


About the artwork:

Nefertiti: The High Priestess‚ is an ink on paper drawing. She was an Egyptian queen, and I wanted to use her powerful symbolism to raise the plant Cannabis to a royal status. Her recognizable crown is adorned with the marijuana leaf, that is growing out of her face. Breaking of the crown, that gives an illusion of pieces flying up into the sky, signifying the high that cannabis has on a user. By using an ancient figure I also wanted to promote the cannabis as a plant that has been used by people even thousands of years ago. Nefertiti is holding Bastet, the cat, in her right hand, which was a lioness warrior goddess. She is serving the role of protecting the queen and the growth of the cannabis plant. Right above her index finger, Nefertiti is guarding the seed of a cannabis plant, that Bastet is keeping a close eye on. On the right side is the hieroglyph that spells the name ‚Nefertiti. And on the left side, the Merkaba symbol (two intersecting triangles), represents the joining of earthly with heavenly, that is experienced through the consumption of marijuana.