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High Artist Spotlight: Simon Haiduk

High Artist Spotlight: Simon Haiduk

Growing up in British Columbia, Canada, Simon Haiduk developed a strong affinity to nature with artistic foundations in visual art and music.  In 2004 he gravitated towards painting as a full-time endeavor bringing his musical background into the visual realm.  Simon has explored many visual mediums, including animation, often with a strong influence in spiritual themes connected to nature.

Currently, his primary medium is digital painting. He continues to also produce music and has released four full-length albums since 2002. Within art galleries, festivals, conventions, and online platforms, his work is exhibited globally. He currently works out of his studio in Gibsons, BC, while continuing to explore an ever-expanding palette of creative endeavors.

Artist Statement: “Cannabis, from its living plant form to its various derivatives evokes a sense of peace. It can bring me to a highly receptive state of creativity with presence. It helps tune my internal radio to the frequency of universal calm and happiness. When shared with other people it ushers moments of connection and inspiration.”

Simon has entered High Art for the last two years in a row.

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