High Artist Spotlight: Qwark

High Artist Spotlight: Qwark
February 23, 2020 Noa

High Artist Spotlight: Qwark

Qwark (artist name) is a self-taught illustrator based in the Philippines specializing in digital painting and mural work.

His visual style is made up of vivid lines and detail, sporting a contrasting array of elements derived from subcultures such as cyberpunk, steampunk and even fantasy RPG; his characters are stirred into his own interpretations of infinite parallel universes and make-believe worlds of sci-fi whim and wonder.

Qwark’s inspirations lie within three fundamental sources: Video Games, Street Art and Cannabis – as it helps with his creative process due to his inherent colorblindness.

Today Qwark works as a freelance artist illustrating board games and, together with his crew, giving the city streets some color every chance he gets the spare time.

Qwark placed in the top 5 of High Art 2019 with the piece “Old Earth Headquarters”

Check more of his art on IG @theqwark


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