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High Artist Spotlight: Oniria Hernandez

High Artist Spotlight: Oniria Hernandez

As an Illustrator and as a human being, Oniria Hernandez truly feels we are all connected in some way. He believes that there is a tiny tie between us all, and it’s called love. He believes that if we could just awaken from this illusion called reality,  we could understand that self, implies others, just as black, implies white.

Oniria has entered High Art every year, always surprising with the emotion and creativity depicted in his work. Pictured above are his entries from 2017. Below are his entries from 2016 and a short description of his inspiration.

“Just to name the main characteristics: happiness, sadness, anger, and fear. These emotions are expressed around the globe, in every culture, in everyone all the time. In Mexico, there’s an old tale shaped to understand these ways of being: The Four Tezcatiplocas. Each one meant to be the states of the soul. The tale is where the inspiration came from. To feel every other being, to feel myself. Although, I did not express fear but a wondrous soul. One shall never fear but be curious.”

Wondrous Soul by Oniria Hernandez
Wondrous Soul by Oniria Hernandez | Top 35 High Art 2016


Below are Oniria’s entries from 2015 followed by a description of his inspiration.

‘Heritage’ images were inspired by Mexican folklore and ancient sense of color and balance to merge into different kind of patterns but also in a unifying concept. Each illustration show how shapes can be manipulated and interact within the empty space.

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