High Artist Spotlight: Monica Anduray

High Artist Spotlight: Monica Anduray
March 26, 2020 Noa

High Artist Spotlight: Monica Anduray

Monica Anduray is a  self-taught visual artist from El Salvador. Her style is surrealistic with mixed media. (In this artwork, for example, she used colored papers, watercolors, acetate and markers). Her art is her reason to live. It makes her whole. Through her work, she expresses anything from a random idea to her most intimate thoughts.

She also paints bizarre and fantastic dreams and complex ideas to give a message. Every element is carefully thought, so it gives meaning to the piece. Her objective is to touch every soul that sees her work so they are moved by it. Currently she works as a freelancer but she aspires to study art abroad to keep learning and innovating.

She entered “AI Girl” during High Art 2019.

To see more of what she does, go to @anduraymonica


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