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High Artist Spotlight: Melissa Parra Morrow

High Artist Spotlight: Melissa Parra Morrow

Melissa Parra Morrow entered many of her incredible “Handcut N Paste Collages of recycled Clippings” during High Art 2017.

Her work impressed the judges so much that two of them were chosen as Top 40 finalists!

Learn more about Melissa in her biography below!

Born and raised in New Hampshire, as soon as I could I started to travel the country and the world in search of insight and revelation for my art. Everywhere I’ve been, I’ve collected images from each small community, big city… searching through trash and treasures.

I currently reside on the outskirts of Santa Fe, New Mexico, energized by its enchantment of land and sky. I have recently been included in various LowBrow/Pop Surrealism art galleries across the country and was fortunate to be part of the artistic crew in creating the grand interactive art installation called ‘MEOW WOLF’ here in Santa Fe, NM. I am always on the look out for the next artistic endeavor whether on canvas or within the community. I produce art because I have no choice. I breathe, I eat, I create.

A self-taught architect of visionary portals, existing on the outskirts of Santa Fe, NM, I construct images to infuse and infect the mind. Since I can remember, I’ve been a constant collector of the visual image on paper, discarded books and magazines, advertisements and trash with which I meticulously utilize layers of loathing and pleasure, honesty and the forbidden. Provoked and inspired by media bombardments and brainwashed societal fetishes, I attempt to bridge our mores with otherworldly creatures, planets and the way in which extraterrestrial intelligence may view our interactions here on earth.

Forever am I fascinated by the way in which people interplay with each other and their environments, subconsciously and with eyes wide open. This is a cRAzY world we live in and I am compelled to epitomize its nuances and expose its dirty secrets!

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