High Artist Spotlight: Maxwell Pepper

High Artist Spotlight: Maxwell Pepper
March 12, 2020 Noa

High Artist Spotlight: Maxwell Pepper

Max Pepper is an illustrator and graphic designer living in Brooklyn. He does editorial illustration and graphic design for a living, and in his free time he loves drawing all sorts of creatures, plants, and many things inspired by mythology and folklore. He also self-publishes zines and comics, most often printed on the risograph. He often employs a minimal palette, using bold colors and strong design. Usually, he starts with traditional media, like pens or ink brushes, before scanning and coloring digitally. He always carries around a pocket sketchbook and pens for whenever an idea strikes him, or he sees something he’d like to draw. He also loves coloring in his sketchbooks with Copic markers.

He entered “Mechajuana Bongatron MX 4200” during High Art 2019.

For more of his work, support him at:

@maxwellpepper or his website www.maxpepper.com

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