High Artist Spotlight: Larry Wade

High Artist Spotlight: Larry Wade
March 28, 2020 Noa

High Artist Spotlight: Larry Wade

Larry Wade is an artist currently residing in Las Vegas, NV.

His medium of choice is Acrylic painting and is greatly inspired by renaissance and post impressionism, as well as contemporary low brow work. His artwork is characterized by saturated color, color theory, geometrics and patterning, figure/anatomy, their interactions, history and worldly cultures. He loves thinking about the psychology of the spectator and the thought process when seeing certain colors and patterns together, creating responses that trigger memories or emotional reactions.

The subtle sub context implied/derived from simple color, pattern, or figure gesture enhances the relatability and further response for the audience. I enjoy the simple yet commanding impact of color vs geometry, coupled with organic and fluid curves of the human form.

His piece ” Sativa and Indica: A Hybrid Love Story ” placed within the top 100 of High Art 2018!

Find more of his work and support him at:



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