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High Artist Spotlight: Interview with Manolo Chó

High Artist Spotlight: Interview with Manolo Chó

Manolo Chó is a talented artist from Innsbruck, Austria and winner of High Art’s 5th place award for photography. His work, “Floating,” uses light and shadow to evoke a meditative surrealism perfect for this year’s theme of psychedelia. Manolo has studied film and loves photography, using it to explore universal themes of love and truth.

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"Floating" photo shoot in progress
“Floating” photo shoot in progress

How did you find out about High Art?

I saw the High Art article on Facebook.

What made you want to submit an entry?

I liked the theme of the competition a lot. Psychedelic Art is what I really love. At the moment there are so much portrait and half naked photos of beautiful humans out there. They all want to get likes and followers as much as possible. These pictures are beautiful, of course, but there is no message inside. As a photographer and artist, it is important for me to show people different angles about the life.

What was your inspiration and/or process for the piece you submitted?

Since last year I seriously started to find myself. It is the best you can do! I recommend it to everyone to get inside of their minds. This world is full of illusions, of awful and bad illusions. But you can get out of this seeing through the third eye and feel with an open heart. If you are open you can see the difference between reality and the fake world. You feel connected with everything and you understand the art of life. “Floating“ shows a soul which is totally in harmony with the universe. It shows that you are a creator and makes impossible things possible – if you are in harmony and full of love.

What has been your personal experience with cannabis?

I made a lot of experiments in this life. I had good and bad experiences with cannabis. For me, cannabis can open your mind, but only if you use it with care. These new sorts are too excessive. The people don’t only get high on these days – they are more like zombies… For me, being a zombie is definitely not an option. Humans should go back to nature. Everything you need grows on mother earth.

How has it enhanced your art or creative process?

It was definitely useful in the past. But these days, for me, there is no need for “drugs.“ Every upcoming project is floating through the inner eye and created with the objects I can use.

What are your favorite strains or cannabis products?

Cannabis is one of the best plants on this planet! It is definitely the future. You can make so much out of it. Like clothes, paper, toys, it is a very strong material. You can build walls of it which are stronger as concrete and so on… I love this plant so much. The governments MUST legalize it as soon as possible on the whole planet!