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High Artist Spotlight: Interview with Artist and Advocate Egon Bryan Silva

High Artist Spotlight: Interview with Artist and Advocate Egon Bryan Silva

Egon Bryan Silva is no stranger to Natural Cannabis Company’s High Art competition. He’s entered the past three years and this year it paid off as he took home 3
rd place in the photo category for his piece, “Bloom.”

Egon is a fun loving, fine artist from the Philippines and volunteer designer for medical cannabis advocacy.

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1. How did you find out about High Art?

My friend ask me to join high art way back in 2015.

2. What made you want to submit an entry?

High Art inspires me to create artistic expressions, Thank you, High Art for the opportunity. You’re the best!

3. What was your inspiration and/or process for the piece you submitted?

Process? I don’t have a formula. Ideas are spontaneous and unpredictable. Just to let you know, I work as a volunteer designer for medical cannabis advocacy here in the Philippines. With my fellow cannabis advocates, Love and compassion is my inspiration.

4. What has been your personal experience with cannabis?

Always been great! Perfect time to light a joint outdoors specially on the beach.

5. How has it enhanced your art or creative process?

Not just only in art, also in my personal life. I became more wiser, patient and focused. I am now in process of overcoming my weaknesses and discover my hidden strengths as an individual.

6. What are your favorite strains or cannabis products?

To be honest, I don’t have experience in different strains, I got only is a local strain. Hope someday I can be on the cannabis farm and study its different nature and characteristics. My dream job.