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High Artist Spotlight: Geoffrey Klepeis

High Artist Spotlight: Geoffrey Klepeis

Geoffrey Klepeis is a professional artist, based in Calgary Canada. He has entered High Art the past two years in a row, placing 5th with “Green Harvest” in 2016. His artwork has been a crowd and judging panel favorite.

Green Harvest: Green Harvest is a tribute to global marijuana cultivators, and showcases the North Indian cannabis farmers growing their legendary Hindu Kush.

He received his BFA from the Alberta College of Art and design in 2007. Geoffrey also frequents classical ateliers, focusing on drawing and painting from life. With an interest based in classical painting techniques, his skill set expands into the digital world of illustration and concept art, merging contemporary technology and the techniques of the past.

Cherry, Strain Hunter: Cherry is an international explorer who seeks out the rarest land-race strains to add to her repertoire

Geoffrey’s work is largely inspired by cultural mythos, contemporary icons, and the natural world.

The Midnight Soma Boutique is the gateway of the psychedelic experience. It represents mystery and disquietude, as well as curiosity and temptation. The experience starts here: At a late hour in the woods, intoxicating substance(s) are acquired in exchange for your currency. You know not much of the woman merchant, however you know her medicine is of divine quality. All around you the forest is alive with energy, as though it anticipates the coming psychedelic experience.

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