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High Artist Spotlight: Emily Sherwood

High Artist Spotlight: Emily Sherwood

Emily Sherwood has entered High Art 2 times. Her entry ,”Done Done”, from 2016, won her a spot among the top 35 artists of the year. Her piece was even displayed at our Spectrum High Art Exhibition at Art Basel Miami 2016!

Done Done




To Emily, cannabis seems to be viewed in many lights; healthful, helpful, just for the hippies, and a myriad of others… She views it as a door opener. A look into what being mindful is and a breath of fresh air. It heals, inspires, and changes the way we think. With “Done, Done”, she wanted to create a picture that showed it’s (cannabis’) metaphorical wings, and power to open what we thought couldn’t.





Emily Sherwood is a traveling mural artist, currently in Seattle, unable to decide just where she wants to live! She is 21 years old, self taught, and just now doing most of her learning. She is still experimenting with mediums and styles, unable to find where she wants to live, in that regard as well. There are just too many for her to choose!

Madame Kush







“Madame Kush” is done with just about every medium imaginable. She hopes to watch her canvas size grow in her future. From what started as napkins at age 3, she wants to be a building one day!