High Artist Spotlight: Elizabeth Umanzor

High Artist Spotlight: Elizabeth Umanzor
April 1, 2020 Noa

High Artist Spotlight: Elizabeth Umanzor

Elizabeth Umanzor is an artist from Texas who has been painting since 2015. She is currently in college studying to be an art teacher and most of what she’s learned in regards to painting she has taught herself and figured it out throughout the years. Elizabeth absolutely love colors, she tries to get away with including all the colors of the rainbow in her pieces even if it’s done in a subtle way. In addition to colors, she loves collage work. She collects different types of paper, from tissue paper, scrapbook paper, newspaper, magazine clippings, etc. She do my best incorporating best of both worlds and meshing them together. She primarily paints in oil paints.

She entered “Libertad y Marijuana ” during High Art 2018.

See more of her work and support her at:



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