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High Artist Spotlight: David Faulkner aka “Crystalface”

High Artist Spotlight: David Faulkner aka “Crystalface”

David Faulkner entered four incredibly detailed pieces to High Art 2017. His piece “Tree Of Life” earned him a place in the Top 40! Learn more about him in his provided biography below!

Tree of Life
David Faulkner – Tree of Life

My name is David Faulkner. I go by the artist name, “Crystalface”. I am an artist based in Sydney NSW, Australia. In most of my pieces I will use fine tipped rapidograph pens to create the line work, and then colour the image on Photoshop. I have also recently begun using airbrush and watercolour as a base, adding pen over the top.

David Faulkner – Duality

My goal in making art is to keep the theme of the piece as ambiguous as possible. I want the viewer to be able to make their own mind up about what my work is saying without fear of being wrong. Usually, the only true meaning to be said about my work is in the title. All other interpretations are completely subjective.

The Fool
David Faulkner – The Fool

A bit about me and my inspiration: I was born in 1993. My father, works as an artist also, and he taught me most of what I know regarding the techniques I use to create. My inspiration comes from a lot of different people and places; Joseph Campbell, Alex Grey, TOOL, Lewis Carroll, and Tolkien to name a few.

Vitruvian Man
David Faulkner – Vitruvian Man

I think it is also worth mentioning that the day I first smoked Marijuana was the day I began my journey into the style of art I currently produce. It inspired me more than anything else