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High Artist Spotlight: Cliff Maynard

High Artist Spotlight: Cliff Maynard

Cliff Maynard-LEGALEAGLE
Cliff entered during High Art 2016, including his piece featured today, “Legal Eagle”.  Learn more about his process below!

My Story. 

My name is Cliff Maynard and art is what drives me. There is honestly nothing more that I would rather do with my life than to create and grow as an artist. Several years ago, purely by chance I stumbled upon a technique of using the leftover burnt paper scraps from the butts of marijuana cigarettes, commonly known as ‘Roaches’ to create all of the required tones and highlights in my artwork. Although I have generated a small following in the medical and recreational cannabis community, I now feel that it is time to reach out to a broader audience and more aggressively pursue my passion for art

What is ‘Roach Paper Art?’

For those unfamiliar with my process here are some things you should know:
1) The last bit of a joint left over after it has been smoked is called a Roach’.
2) The scrap of burnt paper after any remaining plant material (reefer) has been removed is called a ‘Roach Paper’.
3) ‘Roach Papers’ come in varying shades of browns & whites due to the discoloration inherent to the smoking process.

These brown tones are what I use  as my medium. By tearing, trimming and combining these bits of paper i am able to create every line and shadow. It’s a lot like working a jigsaw puzzle but each “piece” represents a moment in time shared by friends.

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