High Artist Spotlight: Brandon Henderson

High Artist Spotlight: Brandon Henderson
February 26, 2020 Noa

High Artist Spotlight: Brandon Henderson

 Brandon Henderson is an illustrator based in the Chicago-area, spending much of his time scaling the possibilities of creation, pondering life’s infinite questions, and on a lifetime quest for the perfect veggie burger. Blending aspects of the natural world with seemingly misplaced images and philosophical concepts, his work uses detailed and direct representations of these concepts to create abstract ideas that convey familiarity but challenge the viewer to see and feel in a unique space.

Henderson is self taught and has been creating art since his earliest memories. His greatest inspirations comes from classic print-style images (ie. screen printing, newsprint, lithograph, block prints, etc), comic books, cartoons, pop, and street art.

He typically utilizes either traditional paper and canvas mediums with bold inks and flat or wash colors (acrylics, markers, and/or watercolors) or digital mediums. When asked about purpose Henderson states: ‘It’s the will and the drive to create and shape entire universes of unlimited possibilities with just your ideas and two hands.’

He entered “Hi Tek Follies” during High Art 2019.


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