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High Artist Spotlight: Aurore Lephilipponnat

High Artist Spotlight: Aurore Lephilipponnat

 Aurore Lephilipponnat is a French artist born in 1983. After finishing a university degree in arts and computer graphics in 2008, she decided to join a company of art performers and participated in the musical scenes and festivals of France by creating pictorial universes for all to see. In 2012 Aurore discovered the aesthetics of Butoh dance and works made in an obscure expressionist style (in a Sagazan style, Ernest Pignon, Beksinky, Giger …) Since then, her work has evolved into the impulsive and frenetic study of the beauty of movement, and the strength of the restless and silent body language. To this day, she continues her work through a series of chimeras, influenced by her interest in the story shared between the human and the animal. The allegory of the chimera represents the meeting of primitive and esoteric forces, but also the trans-humanization to the animal character. The range of her research continues in the series study inspired by women, and more specifically, the status of women in the world. She gives back to the sacred place to women by integrating them inside the vegetal, in order to instill in them the vital energy of nature.

Aurore entered three pieces during High Art 2018. Take a look at them below!

The Green Muse

Green Muse
by Aurore Lephilipponnat

The muse in the abyss expresses our superior and eternal deep spirit, and the incarnated femininity to transmit the message of the plant which carries omniscience.
Freedom is figured through the peaceful face, as an allegory of wisdom, and the wings surmounting her head represents the liberation of the Spirit on the mind.
Snakes symbolize our Akashic Memories. As the animals of all time, they are the first to come to us and speak in reptilian language, to whisper their ancestral knowledge. They can only be perceived by the Spirit, and like the Medusa, not visible but perceptible in the innate sense of our higher spirit.

Blue Garden and Muse

Freedom can have the features of a woman, free, in her nakedness and form of expression.
Femininity speaks to the plant, to the feminine characteristics too, and the plant embraces and marries the forms, the voluptuous curves of the body.
The leaves evoke the abundance and generosity of Mother Nature and the roots reflect the primitive and instinctive force of the earth.
Spiritual and telluric forces meet and harmonize in form, dancing on the exposed body in its original nakedness.

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