High Artist Spotlight: Alicia Aita

High Artist Spotlight: Alicia Aita
February 24, 2020 Noa

High Artist Spotlight: Alicia Aita

Alicia Aita, better known as Malice, is a costa rican self-taught artist that is not afraid of trying different styles when it comes to drawing.

She was born with the heart of a stoner and the hands of an artist, and she knew at a very young age that she was born to be an artist.

Malice mixes her love for cartoons with her love for psychedelics, creating colorful pieces of art.

Her skill lies in her ability to replicate cartoon styles and using bright colors to accentuate the background.

Malice enjoys creating art to lift the mood of the people that takes the time to appreciate it and will continue to do it because she gets high from it!

She entered “Chill” during High Art 2019.


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