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High Artist Profile: Nyki Way

High Artist Profile: Nyki Way

Nyki Way was diagnosed at a young age with Depression and Psychosis. After suicide attempts and experimentation with hard drugs, Nyki decided to channel her “sadness and crazy hallucinations” into more creative means. She made the difficult journey in her mind out of her valleys and hiked up the hill to happiness. Since her sadder days, Nyki attended the Academy of Art and received her Bachelor’s degree in Illustration, opened two online stores and gained a substantial Instagram following. She hopes to one day share her story with the world, letting good people know that good times are right around the corner, and more importantly, that you are never alone.

Nyki has placed as a Top High Artist multiple times! Her piece “Regret Nothing” helped her place in the Top 40 of high Art 2017!

Read more about Nyki’s inspiration in her exclusive interview below!

How did you find out about High Art?

I found out about high art through one of my best friends, Helen Judge aka The Artist Melon Fudge. She saw it on Facebook and thought I fit the mold pretty well. She also has a funky style, that’s why we get along. ;D

Shiva As A Woman
Shiva As A Woman

What made you want to submit an entry?

Well, all my art is pretty funky. A lot of surrealism, and psychedelia are involved with every piece. I also had the opportunity to show my art in the High Art show, so I feel pretty dedicated to the people there because they’re really trying to do something important for the world. I respect their fight and journey and feel blessed and grateful to be a part of it.

What was your inspiration and/or process for the piece you submitted?

This piece in particular has a bit of story. I started by picking an emotion, which was regret, and I had to really get in my headspace of what I regretted and what I wish I could reverse. In the process I realized that regret sticks to you. The best thing is to let it go and move on, but in some respects I feel like it’s always a part of you, and it helps you be a better person. This piece was about wearing my mask of regret and wanting to rip it off but it’s glued on. All the tattoos in the piece are designs of things in my past. One says “Colorado” where I was born where I was struggling with a lot, as well as one that says “You’re Enough” because I think we all struggle with regret and it makes us question if we are good enough for the world. Obviously I have the Golden Gate for my love of the Bay, where I blossomed as an artist and spread my roots. Making this piece is something that heals me, and lets me come to terms with the world around me, life is good, and art is healing.


What has been your personal experience with cannabis?

I’m a strong believer that anything is okay in moderation, and I have the same experience with cannabis. There have been times where I over indulge and don’t feel like myself, and times where I have enough to inspire me and make me think about something I haven’t before, or to change my perspective. I have had a positive experience with cannabis, overall. With that being said, I have met people who have had a bad experience.

How has it enhanced your art or creative process?

Like I said in the before question, it helps you think of something you might not have thought of before. In my experience, cannabis almost always alters my perspective to a more positive one. I struggle with depression, and cannabis lets me forget my pains and woes and lets me indulge in the fact that life although somewhat strange and pointless, is a beautiful and crazy ride, and we would be insane not to go on it and give it up. I feel grateful to have my medical card, and feel free from the shadows that linger on me, cannabis makes me a more pleasant and easy-going person.

Regret Nothing

What are your favorite strains or cannabis products?

I’m an indica kind of girl. I like the relaxing effects. I mostly enjoy OG Kush, and Girl Scout Cookies. I’ve recently started to enjoy CBD strains, when I need to stay clear but am also carrying unwanted tension.

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Instagram: @Nykiway