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High Artist Profile: Nick Beery

High Artist Profile: Nick Beery

Odd Gent

Nick Beery aka Beery Method brings experience from a vast array of creative disciplines including fine art, photography, illustration, and graphic design to a variety of clientele. He approaches every project with a high level of expertise in information artistry and resourcing as well as unique methodologies in producing iconic work that appeals to the pop and counter culture, urban collections, underground scenes and contemporary movement. Beery has origins on the West Coast but currently works from a home studio in Illinois, living sustainably as a grower of hops on an 8 acre farm. Beery is passionate about nature, genealogy, mycology, and astrology which are present in much of his work. His piece “Odd Gent” earned him a place in the Top 40 of High Art 2017.

Learn more abut Nick and his creative process in his exclusive interview below!

Odd Boxer
Odd Boxer

How did you find out about High Art?

I found out about High Art through an email promotion from Juxtapoz.

What made you want to submit an entry?

I’m an active cannabis enthusiast and medicinal activist/artist. It seemed like the perfect outlet to utilize some of my “heady” design work.

What was your inspiration and/or process for the piece you submitted?

As a seasoned psychedelic-phile, self proclaimed mycologist, and esoteric design artist, I really wanted to merge my top interests into a cohesive body of imagery. My photography and illustration background enabled me to meld “trippy” nebulae emanating from vintage old time photographs from my personal collection. Introducing some insects who naturally bring a familiar order and occult type imagery with sacred geometry I created the Odd Arcana Collection. “Odd Gent”, 1 of 5 images submitted, was chosen as a High Art finalist entry.

What has been your personal experience with cannabis?

My personal experience has been a lifetime of reward for being moderate and sensible. Experiences range from completely recreational to widely medicinal. It is a plant that is on the “higher” level for a better life intertwined with chemistry and mind/body/spirit.

How has it enhanced your art or creative process?

The creative process can be daunting at any given time. It is either flowing uncontrollably or blocked up. We are always looking to find a way to motivate back into the flow. Cannabis has allowed the ADD part of my brain to take a backseat and allow more focus and pertinent attention to detail. It is an enhancement to the motivational processes that occur with emotion tied to consciousness and furthermore reaching beyond to dream-states and deep thought process that can lift away during a busy lifestyle. It peels away the facade of busy distractions that can block up the pathway to productive creative work flow.

Odd Boy

What are your favorite strains or cannabis products?

My favorite strains are Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, and I enjoy sampling new strains developed by friends and good company. Put a chocolate covered coffee bean or gummy in my mid morning routine and let me lose time.

I just want to personally thank everyone on the High Art team for putting together such a wonderful contest. It’s been an awesome experience so far. Keep doing what you do for the better good!


Nick Beery

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Instagram: @beerymethod