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High Artist Profile: Kine Andersen

High Artist Profile: Kine Andersen

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Kine Andersen is a Norwegian artist who illustrates a retrospective of angst and oblivion. She entered High Art 2017 with two of her iconic images.

Andersen grew up in the 90’s. Due to this, she absorbed the excessive energy of the epoch of boy bands, neon windbreakers, and dance floor jams. Andersen says “I have a hard time understanding my own feelings, so it is easier to draw them” Andersen was exposed to a wide range of unwritten rules and stereotypes that she didn’t want to be part of. “I felt like an alien most of my teenage years, therefore my illustrations are very lonely.” Her lonely souls’ images include a guy camping out outside of the supermarket and drinking the same beer every day, and the girl hanging out with her smoking cat. In a way, it’s reminiscent of the way Haruki Murakami books question the dichotomy of abandonment and belonging.

About her artwork

The work that she produces is similar to that of Roy Lichtenstein’s exploitation of the comic book. Through the use of a bold, brightly coloured Pop Art style, Andersen’s extreme illustrations accomplish their presentation of sorrow and success. The vivid and unmissable illustrations contain highly contrasting colours and motifs which relate to the artist’s life.

Jungle Pussy by Kine Andersen
Jungle Pussy

Each illustration has a story behind it. Emotions of her characters are firmly shown through her depictions of fountains of tears, desperate loneliness and desire for oblivion. Her visual technique is consistent throughout her narrative content and multiplies the isolation and angst of living in a small-town in the north of Norway

Lurk by Kine Andersen

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