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High Artist Profile: Interview with Weroni, Top 40 Winner

High Artist Profile: Interview with Weroni, Top 40 Winner

A top finalist for the past three years of High Art, Slovakian artist weroni has delighted judges with her beautiful work. She placed in the top 30 in 2015 for her “No One Is Innocent” series, works that explored delicate femininity and innocence while capturing the drama of the female face.

Weroni submitted four more pieces to High Art 2016, a series of watercolors, again showing her mastery of capturing range of emotion and drama in the human face. Rich colors, all in the range of fantasy hues, bring a magical, dreamlike quality to the pieces.

FreedomHer next entry that captured the judge’s attention in 2017 was titled, “Freedom.” Bolstered by her success in the previous year’s High Art competition, weroni decided to make a major life change. She decided to halt her pursuit of a career in medicine to follow her dream – to be a professional artist. She applied to a UK university and joined the animation program.

As weroni herself says, “I took a crazy risk to apply for a University in the UK to study Animation. Magic happened and now I’m spending my days and nights breathing and dreaming art. Even though cannabis is not legal in the UK or in Slovakia, I can still thank High Art and cannabis for changing my life and making my dreams come true, making me think surreal… making the new, happier me:)”

How did you originally hear about High Art?

By following Juxtapoz Magazine.

What is the inspiration for your work?

It was always difficult for me to express myself with words so I am always trying to put my thoughts and feelings into my artworks. I wanted the viewer to feel compelled to stop and think about the story behind the picture.

What are your feelings about cannabis?

Even though cannabis is illegal in most of the European countries I believe that it should be legal at least for medical purposes, as it is known to relieve cancer symptoms, some multiple sclerosis symptoms and even epilepsy seizures. As I have family and friends who suffered or still suffer from these diseases, it is sometimes hard to know that there is something that could help but is kept illegal. It’s appalling that out of alcohol, cigarettes and cannabis, it is alcohol that destroys families and lives in general and it’s the easiest one to access.

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