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High Artist Profile: Interview with Danielle Evarts, Photography Winner

High Artist Profile: Interview with Danielle Evarts, Photography Winner

Winner of 2nd place in the photography category, Danielle Evarts created “Smoking Balloons,” a beautifully psychedelic work that cannabis lovers can appreciate. A graphic designer from Connecticut, Danielle loves smoking a bowl and opening Photoshop to design inspired artwork.

Check out more of Danielle’s work on her website:

How did you find out about High Art?

I found out about High Art a few years ago, and at the time I was just becoming a graphic designer. I didn’t have any experience in the Adobe apps then, and when I got an email about this year’s theme and knew I could make something amazing!

What made you want to submit an entry?

I always dreamed of winning High Art, getting the grand prize, and showcasing my artwork somewhere widely known.

What was your inspiration and/or process for the piece you submitted?

My inspiration was weed! My “Smoking Balloons” piece is made from a photo I took a couple years ago when my friend and I were sharing our first blunt. I was always amazed with how much smoke stayed in the air for the photo, and I always wanted to put something floating in there. I went to a hot air balloon festival with that same friend and took photos of the balloons lifting off, and thought they would look trippy in the smoke.

What has been your personal experience with cannabis?

I’ve had some of the best memories when I was smoking cannabis. I love the ideas I get when I smoke cannabis. It influences me to travel to places that share the same interests in cannabis and art as I do.

How has it enhanced your art or creative process?

It’s influences my ideas, opens my mind and inspires me to make every piece of my art amazing and unique.

What are your favorite strains or cannabis products?

I don’t have a card to purchase medical cannabis at the moment, but my favorite cannabis strain is Pineapple Express. I love smoking out of beautiful handmade bongs, bowls, and blunts.