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High Artist Profile: Daniel Labrosse

High Artist Profile: Daniel Labrosse

Born in Budapest, 1997, Daniel Labrosse is a French-Hungarian visual artist. He entered High Art 2017 with the piece “Headache”.

Headache by Daniel Labrosse

Bold colors and satirical comments fill his art. His often gloomy subject matter is made approachable by the vibrant color palette and the comical characters in his work, making the pieces universal in nature. In addition to his ability to tap into the everyday human experience, Labrosse uses various mediums, including drawing, stickers, digital art and mixed media.

He had his first solo exhibition at the age of 18 in 2015 as part of Budapest Design Week at Tesla Kult Gallery. In June, 2016 his work, “The Future of Art” was featured in Tate Modern as part of the Future Late exhibition. He had his second solo exhibition, “Ghosts at the Junkyard” open in October 2016 at the Edinburgh Creative Exchange.

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