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High Art Inspo: 4 Exhibits Showcasing Art and Technology

High Art Inspo: 4 Exhibits Showcasing Art and Technology 

Since the beginning of time, technology has inspired artists. Fire technology created coal for cave drawings, paint tubes revolutionized landscape and impressionist painting and where would pop art be without screen printing? From 3D printing to the availability of powerful software previously only available to big design companies, artists utilize technology to achieve their vision in many different ways.

Don’t forget High Art starts on February 20th and you’ve only got ONE MONTH to get your submissions in. There’s $50,000 in prize money on the line plus loads of other benefits like seeing your work displayed on our unique High Art packaging and at prestigious art shows around the world!

To really get your creative juices flowing for our upcoming High Art competition, we’ve compiled some of the coolest experimental installations that exemplify art and tech.


 Singapore’s ArtScience Museum presents 10 interactive digital art installations on permanent exhibit. You can learn about the exhibits on the website and view a short video for a brief example.

Souls and Machines 

ArtFutura’s exhibit exploring new media and art drew nearly a half million visitors during its time at the Reina Sofia Museum of Modern Art in Madrid. Learn about the artists and exhibits on their website.

3D Double Vision 

This exhibit showcases the quest for perfection in 3D rendering featuring art from the 1800s through today. You can visit the 3D Double Vision exhibit through March 2019 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Future Shock 

Originally on display in Santa Fe, the Future Shock exhibit examines how technological advances affect modern society. View images from the exhibit here.