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“The Fool from the Wise Fool Tarot”

Cade Burkhammer is an award-winning narrative painter and touring drummer from Cleveland, Ohio, now living in Santa Rosa, CA. Cade has enjoyed showcasing his art all over the U.S. since the late 1980s.

Cade states:

“Within the need for the expression of un-dictated reality, the confines of conditioning and cultural aesthetic are blown open by potent images that emerge from the international collective unconscious. It is my intention to represent both the power of this ongoing dream and its accessibility through individual interpretation. The bourgeois conservative need to control continues to inhibit human evolution. There are many worlds on this one planet…”

At his studio in the Santa Rosa SofA district, Cade presents recent and older selected works, including his three tarot decks: the pagan Wise Fool Tarot, the Fairy tradition Dream Power Tarot written by RJ Stewart, and currently The Nightmare Oracle which is based on vision quests, shape shifting, narcissistic authority, and the vilification of nature. Other series include: Images of The Occult of Washington DC and Corporate Rituals that combines American history, traditional wisdom, and Cade’s own experiences.

The 12 painting series titled Goddesses of Pollution: The Dark Side of Alchemy illustrates what natural destruction of the four elements by greed looks like artistically and as a modern mythology (past myth makers did not have to deal with the subject of pollution.) Kisses, which are a mix of expressionistic and photo realistic drawings on paper of people connecting. Lastly, new abstract works demonstrate Cade’s innovative mixed media technique fusing the surrealist and expressionist movements.

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High Art was created by Dona Frank and The Natural Cannabis Company in 2014 as a crowdsourcing solution to packaging design. From its humble beginnings, High Art has developed into an internationally-known art competition with thousands of entries annually from 100+ countries all over the world.

Each year professional and amateur artists create themed works through a variety of mediums to compete for $50,000 in prize money and to see their work featured on packaging, social media, at the High Art gallery in Santa Rosa, CA and displayed at prestigious art events, in the United States and abroad.