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“Cosmic Kitty”

Bunnie Reiss was born in Maryland, but raised mostly with the wide-blue skies of Colorado. Her work is heavily influenced by her Eastern European background, where she creates worlds full of conversations that look deeper into the investigation of self and community. The cosmos, nature, human connection, magic, private experiences, the past and the present, are all part of her visual catalog. She is most known for her public art, creating murals and larger installation work which are often looked upon as a spell, an offering, or a place for people to gather. When not working in public, she has a strong studio practice where delicate paintings tell tales of deeper explorations into other dimensions, and the communities that exist within them.

Bunnie has traveled extensively around the world, slowly building a visual vocabulary that is uniquely her own. She settled in San Francisco for more than a decade and received her MFA from San Francisco Art Institute. She has shown in both the United States and internationally, in galleries, alternative spaces, bookstores, abandoned buildings, fields and forests, or any place that wants a little extra magic. Her brightly colored folk murals decorate many countries and can be found all over the world. Los Angeles, Mexico, Italy, Paris, India, Philippines, Detroit, Milwaukee, New York, San Francisco are just a few places you would likely stumble upon one.

She is currently located in Los Angeles and splits her time between the bustle of the city and the quiet retreat of Joshua Tree, where she is slowly building up a 5 acre property affectionately known as Lilac Lane Farms.

She entered “Cosmic Kitty” during High Art 2020.

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High Art was created by Dona Frank and The Natural Cannabis Company in 2014 as a crowdsourcing solution to packaging design. From its humble beginnings, High Art has developed into an internationally-known art competition with thousands of entries annually from 100+ countries all over the world.

Each year professional and amateur artists create themed works through a variety of mediums to compete for $40,000 in prize money and to see their work featured on packaging, social media, at the High Art gallery in Santa Rosa, CA and displayed at prestigious art events, in the United States and abroad.

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