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“The Birth of Existence”

Antonis Papamichael also known as Mulletman is an Illustrator from London. He illustrates epic dream worlds, nightmare worlds and anything that’s fun!  He does illustrations, storyboards and comic books for a living.  His motto is business in the front, party in the back. If there’s fun in the process, the result will be awesome!

He entered “The Birth of Existence” during High Art 2020 with the caption:  “We are in the magic realm, outside creation. Mother choice is holding the dream baby and the nightmare baby, nurturing them. Mulletman is at the top being brainwashed by inhaling fumes from the pragmatic side of the brain tree. Giants are reaching out to harness the powers of the tree! We must save him and choose a portal to go through!”

See more of his work on Instagram at: @iammulletman

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High Art was created by Dona Frank and The Natural Cannabis Company in 2014 as a crowdsourcing solution to packaging design. From its humble beginnings, High Art has developed into an internationally-known art competition with thousands of entries annually from 100+ countries all over the world.

Each year professional and amateur artists create themed works through a variety of mediums to compete for $50,000 in prize money and to see their work featured on packaging, social media, at the High Art gallery in Santa Rosa, CA and displayed at prestigious art events, in the United States and abroad.