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High Art 2020 Inspo: The Magical and Sinister World of H. R. Giger

High Art 2020 Inspo: The Magical and Sinister World of H. R. Giger

High Art 2020 Inspo: The Magical and Sinister World of H. R. Giger

There are many ways magic can be expressed through art. Far from the fanciful medieval fantasy worlds of D&D, the world of HR Giger is dark and sinister. Through his work, Giger explored the relationships between man and machine, dark magics and the even terrors of space. In fact, Giger may be best known to most people as the man behind the creature design in the movie Alien which was inspired by an earlier piece he did called Necronom IV.

Giger started with small ink drawings before moving on to oil paintings and eventually airbrush. Most of his career he worked in airbrush, creating monochromatic artwork depicting dark, surreal dreamscapes. He also worked with pastels, markers and ink. His main influences were Dado, Ernst Fuchs and Salvador Dalí.

Giger’s art is highly valued by fetishists and tattoo lovers for its depictions of extreme bondage and biomechanical subject matter. He didn’t just create prints and paintings, but furniture as well. He was even commissioned by Korn to design a microphone stand. There are two Giger bars in Switzerland, designed by Giger himself. 

Although the dark world of HR Giger isn’t for everyone, you must agree there’s something magical about the mix of devils, aliens and mechanical beings.

Remember, High Art 2020 begins in February and artists will have one month to submit a cannabis-inspired work of art with the theme of Magic. High Art is open to all artists 18+ located anywhere in the world and one winner will take home a grand prize worth $25,000! Top artists will receive cash prizes. Will you be one of them?

Your work will have to be top-notch, wildly creative, perfectly executed and show mastery of composition to compete with some of the best artists around the globe. Enter as many pieces as you like, but only one will win the top prize!

Do you have the talent, creativity and skill to compete? Show us what you’ve got!

High Art 2020

Opens February 20th

Closes March 20th

Winner announced April 20th

See for contest rules and additional details.