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High Art 2020 Inspo: Exploring Magic Realism in Art

High Art 2020 Inspo: Exploring Magic Realism in Art

When you think of “magic art” wizards and sorceresses are probably what you kind of, art that fits in with Dungeons & Dragons or Magic: The Gathering. But, there’s another type of magic in art and that’s the Magic Realism movement. Magic Realism features modern realist paintings with dreamlike or fantasy elements. 

For example, the surrealist Dali is known for his melting clocks and stairs that go nowhere whereas 1920s realist painter Franz Radziwill’s art often features quaint, rural landscapes in a dreamlike apocalyptic setting, with death and machines of war. Having been a prisoner of war, Radziwill’s art shared his concerns about modernization and technology.

Learn more about Franz Radviwill here.

Albert Carel Willink was another well-known magic realist, although the Dutch artist referred to his style as “imaginary realism.” Much of his work features both modern and classical aspects, such as in his painting “Late Visitors to Pompeii,” featuring the city in a ruined state but before the eruption that covered it. Several men from a much later time stand around, ignoring each other. Unsettling themes like this run throughout his moody works.

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Other popular magic realists include Ivan Albright whose work includes grotesque portraits, Austrian artist Greta Freist, and American painter Paul Cadmus.

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Now, are you feeling inspired? Get your paints, pencils or pixels ready and create some award-winning art for High Art 2020! If you create an outstanding original work featuring you skill, talent and creativity, it could be worth our $25,000 grand prize!

Remember, High Art 2020 begins on February 20th and ends March 20th. Winners will be announced on April 20th during our annual 420 celebration. The contest is 100% free to enter! See the High Art page for contest rules.