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High Art 2020: Cannabis and Magic – You Too Can Become a Weed Witch

High Art 2020: Cannabis and Magic – You Too Can Become a Weed Witch

Cannabis has been used in spiritual and religious ceremonies across cultures for thousands of years. Paganism is certainly no exception. Cannabis, psychedelic mushrooms, peyote; when used in a ceremonial act, all aid in releasing the mind and helping one access a more spiritual plane. While much is said of recreational and medical cannabis users, there are still people who use this magic plant for spiritual purposes today.

There are many ways to use cannabis in witchcraft and ceremony. Cannabis has been used in fertility rituals, cleansings, purifications, and celebrations affirming life. If you’re curious about how weed and witchcraft work, here’s how you can create your own magic with cannabis:

weed witch

Weed Witchcraft: A Ritual with The High Priestess of Smoke Luna Luna Magazine

This article outlines how to perform a weed ritual, step by step.

Will it inspire you?

High Art 2020 kicks off on February 20th with a new theme of MAGIC. There’s plenty of magic to be found in religion and spirituality, just one of the many avenues our talented global artists could take in their pursuit of the $25,000 grand prize!

High Art is the world’s only cannabis-inspired art competition and is open to all artists 18+ located anywhere in the world. It’s 100% free to enter, enter as many works as you like, but only ONE artist will get the top prize! Will it be you?

Check out the High Art 2020 page at for rules and details and then return with your best works on February 20th to enter. Contest closes March 20th, winners will be announced at our 420 celebration at OrganiCann in Santa Rosa on April 20th.