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High Art 2016 Spotlight: Titus Toledo

High Art 2016 Spotlight: Titus Toledo

Finalist – Titus Toledo

Artist Titus Toledo is the creator of spreadophilia (circa 2000), among other precarities, mostly transitory and often darkly arcane. Toledo cut his teeth working the editorial and design rackets for the longest time— to say nothing of his 18-year stint as a third world community journalist— before retiring, in a manner of speaking, to pursue what he describes as “a more deeply personal and physical” scholarship in the humanities.

Of the seeming interdisciplinary character of his labors, he has this to say: “What I cannot write, I draw. What I cannot draw, I drink,” or words to that effect.

Titus has entered nearly every single year of the High Art Competition since its inception, and placed within the top 100 of High Art 2016 with the piece “Entheogenesis”

“In my youth, I have had the good fortune of having been introduced to the herb as a sacrament— a gift from the universe, if you will, freely given to all of humanity that we may all share in the divine. My work (‘Entheogenesis’) is my way of paying homage to that truth.”

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