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Harvest Tip: Curing Produces Better Cannabis

Harvest Tip: Curing Produces Better Cannabis

Harvest Tip: Curing Produces Better Cannabis

If there’s one thing a cannabis cultivator must be, it’s patient. Watching a plant mature from seed to a healthy full-grown plant take patience, but to get truly great cannabis, you must wait and wait some more. Cannabis flowers aren’t ready to go right off the plant, they must be processed before they become the smokable product we all know and love.

Two important steps that shouldn’t be overlooked are drying and curing. Obviously, you need to dry your cannabis flowers before you can enjoy them. Attempting to smoke green cannabis is less than satisfying. But curing is just as important as drying and it’s a step some home growers overlook in their haste to enjoy those resinous colas they’ve been cultivating for months. But if you want top-shelf cannabis, you can’t rush it.

dry and cure

Here’s why you should spend time curing your homegrown cannabis:

Curing creates more flavorful cannabis. You can always taste when cannabis has been dried and cured properly. Freshly harvested and poorly dried/uncured cannabis has the smell and taste of grass or hay. The drying and curing process breaks down elements like chlorophyll allowing the true flavor of your chosen strain to shine through.

Smooth smoke is a result of this aging process. Improperly dried cannabis creates a harsh smoke that can easily irritate your mouth, throat and lungs. The time provided by drying and curing reduces this harshness so your homegrown is as smooth and mellow as any professional cultivator’s.

It boosts potency. During the curing process, your flowers will continue to convert THCA into THC. Rapid or improper drying and curing halts this process creating buds of a lower potency. Taking the time to allow for this process will result in a much higher potency of your dried product.

It reduces the chance of mildew and mold. Ensuring your cannabis is properly dried and cured before storing it vastly reduces the risk of mold and mildew ruining your precious buds. When curing, don’t skip steps. Make sure fresh air is introduced regularly and moist air expelled during the process. Don’t lose all your hard work to mold!

Maximize the yield of your cannabis harvest by making it the best it can be!